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Welcome to the Suit, Shirt and Tie Fetish Social Network Site. Sign up today and join. But you must be over 18!

This is a website dedicated to men who love wearing a Suit, Business Shirt and Tie and Tuxedo, and who are attracted to and wish to meet other men wearing the same attire.

This site is paid membership only, but for only $8.00 USD per month, or 6 pound Sterling (the price of a sandwich with coffee or tea) you have access to all areas of this site! To contact and hook up with other members on site and of course meeting them offline, post pictures of yourself, Erotic or not, show off your newly purchased suits, shirts and ties, shoes, socks and Tuxedos, use the advanced search engine to find other members on the site, in your area, other countries, their likes and dislikes, or the city or town where you are about to visit, and contact them directly through this site.

Profile pictures are required for all members, so please upload your picture ASAP after you join! And please upload pictures of yourself, although you don’t have to show your face, if you don’t want to! Just you in your wonderful suited attire.

Tag favourites/friends on your profile, and form your own Groups, or join the other groups already set up, The Suit Sex Group, The Suit and Tie Bondage Group, The Erotic Suit and Tie Photo Group, The Suit and Tie Wet and Messy Group, The Erotic Suit and Tie Art Group, and Use the Events calendar  to plan social events with other members, and meet members socially and other Suited men at the Event, speak your mind on the Forum in each Group, use the Blog to post questions, ideas, or just a picture of yourself, whatever you want. Set up your own profile, and then customize it, detailing likes and dislikes of your Suit, Shirt and Tie fetish. Don’t be constricted by other media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can be much open on this site and express yourself in a suited erotic manner. This site is for Gay, Bisexual and Heterosexual men. So please enjoy this site, for many years to come. I offer stability on a strong platform through a powerful worldwide Host. Too many times Gentlemen have you and I experienced our site(s) going down, NO MORE!

The previous websites

If you like me, were a member of the previous suit and tie sites, who dedicated themselves to our love of Suits and Ties. I would like to thank you for your wonderful websites. This site is a long term project, moving forward into future for the next 20 years, hence the Subscription Fee. To accommodate all groups, pictures, profiles and videos, and for the ever increasing bandwidth and storage space, as this site grows, and it WILL grow.

So if you feel you want to express yourself with an Erotic picture or a Video of yourself, don’t be shy, upload, and be more erotically open on this site, and if you want to simply show a picture of yourself in your new suit and tie attire, again just simply upload. I hope you enjoy many years as a member, and any issues with the site, please contact me ASAP and I will get back to you. And if you have any Ideas of your own that you would like me to include on this site, please feel free to contact me and I will review your request.


And no abusive behaviour, threats, sexual harassment or any type of bullying will be tolerated, because the offender will be banned from the site, and their subscription refunded, for this is a site to just simply hang out and enjoy yourselves with your suit and tie friends. And if anything is stated by a fellow member on the Forum or Blog, and you have any concerns regarding what has been stated, please contact your fellow member privately, no slanging matches please! And let’s not get into politics, there is enough of that on the news every day. And be responsible for any content you post or upload, no under aged content, just yourselves please gentlemen

And be kind to each other, if a fellow member does not respond to your request, that’s their choice.

Warm regards

Gary Suited


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